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Year 12 resources 

Prepare for Year 12 in Queensland with practice papers crafted by some of the state's best-performing graduates (99.65+)

Get an unfair advantage and stay ahead of the game. 

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Our products

Take the RIGHT steps in Year 12 with the RIGHT resources

Papers tailored for success

  • Our Standard Papers are designed to simulate your year 12 assessments and cover all the relevant topics

  • Our Challenge Papers are for the x-tra thrill seekers who want to double and triple-check their understanding of the syllabus and perfect their problem solving skills
  • For Complex Familiar (CF) and Complex Unfamiliar (CU) questions, we've applied concepts to situations that you won’t find in any other resources

What makes our resources stand out?


- Informed by first-hand experience with the new curriculum for Queensland students

- Created by top-tier tutors with vast amounts of experience

- Inspired by high-achieving students (duxes, subject toppers, perfect scorers etc.)

- Verified by a thorough review committee

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