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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?
    QCE Gambit comprises of high-achieving students from the class of 2020 (99.65+). As the first cohort to undergo the new system implemented in Queensland, we felt frustrated in the lack of resources that were truly tailored to the revised syllabus—and we had no choice but to persist on. Having graduated now, we realised the need to contribute to the amount of high-quality Year 12 resources, so that suceeding Year 12 cohorts would not have to endure the same setbacks we faced.
  • How can you trust our resources?
    The newly introduced curriculum, for the Class of 2020, forced us to use a range of resources, some of which were of lower quality than others. During our time studying, we developed an appreciation for the challenges that only truly useful practice papers could offer, provding us invaluable revision and realising new approaches to problems. Having been through the whole ordeal, we know what works best for students, and we aim to replicate this in the practice papers we provide.
  • What resources does QCE Gambit provide?
    We provide practice papers for students to purchase, for Internal Assessments 2 and 3 (IA2 and IA3), and External Exams (EA) for General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our practice papers match the format of the actual exams that students will sit, as well as the required knowledge from the relevant syllabus. Please note that our student resources are only available in physical form, which we will deliver to you. If you are a teacher, head over to our Teacher page, where you can purchase resources only available for schools.
  • Do you offer anything other than practice papers?
    Head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages! We post regular content on math and science topics you may be studying at the moment, studying advice in general, and any other tips that our high-achievers can give to help you through Year 12.
  • What is included in a bundle?
    For mathematics subjects, one bundle consists of three practice papers (with one paper containing a tech-free and tech-active section) with a provided marking scheme for each paper. The science exams include three papers (with each paper containing two parts), with a provided marking scheme for each paper. The difficulty of the questions is comparable to what you would expect in a summative exam.
  • What are the challenge papers?
    When we were studying mathematics and sciences under the new Queensland system, we sometimes felt that resources and textbooks didn't provide a great number of truly difficult questions for certain topics. The challenge papers are one exam paper (with six tech-free and tech active questions) that are significantly elevated in difficulty. Most of the questions are complex-unfamiliar standard, or far beyond that, while still adhering to the syllabus. If you can tackle these, you might find the real exam easy!
  • Are there only physical papers? Can I purchase it in digital form?
    Unfortunately, exam papers for students are only available as physical copies as we believe that an exam on paper would better simulate the actual summative exams. Keep in mind that our papers are rigorously formatted to match the layout of the real exams. Allowing users access to digital versions of the exam also risks sharing of the papers, which is strictly against our guidelines.
  • What's the difference between the teacher and student resources?
    For students, all our practice papers available in the Store page can be purchased and be used as revision material. For teachers, we provide exclusive papers for schools only, meaning that these cannot be purchased by students. Teachers may use these materials however they see fit.
  • As a student, when will my practice papers be delivered?"
    The time in which you receive your exam papers would depend on the current location you live in. Generally, we would expect you to receive your papers in around a week on average, with mild fluctuations either way.
  • How is purchasing handled?
    All purchases are securely handled by Stripe, which accepts all major credit/debit cards.
  • How are teacher resources purchased and delivered?
    You can locate the order form for purchasing our resources by heading over to the Teacher page. Once we have processed your order, we will send you the resources digitally.

Still have questions?

Contact us down below to ask us directly! We'd love to help you with any issue/questions you may have. 

Thanks for contacting us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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